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From WWE.com:

The Brothers of Destruction def. The Wyatt Family

 photo homepage_zpsvewxcvav.png

ATLANTA — Thunderbolts and lightning are very, very frightening, but all the pilfered powers and sinister incantations in the world couldn’t save Bray Wyatt from his own personal reapers, The Brothers of Destruction, in a Survivor Series confrontation that’s been brewing and brewing since WrestleMania 31. There, a solo Wyatt had called out the then-MIA Undertaker and expected to win in a walk, paying the price when The Phenom showed up and reclaimed his honor at The Show of Shows.

The New Face of Fear only waited to strike back once his Family had been both reunited and expanded, but was his mistake targeting Kane as well, replenishing the devil’s ranks to their full strength as well? Was it a strategic error for Wyatt, who had his pick of family members to pit against The Brothers, to pair himself alongside his most battle-tested lieutenant Luke instead of newfound colossus Braun Strowman? Or did The Eater of Worlds simply bite off more than he can chew from the outset in his attempt to depose the devil?

It was apparent, given the pomp and circumstance with which The Phenom was introduced, that The Wyatts were eager — perhaps too eager — to ruin The Deadman’s anniversary. Erick Rowan rushed the ring after The Phenom’s legendary entrance, was immediately met with a double-chokeslam from The Deadman and The Demon, and was not seen again. Harper stepped up in his partner’s place, and Wyatt, looking to finish his war himself, called Strowman off and stepped onto the apron to team with Harper.

 photo BOD_Wyatts 2_zpskjufo7h1.jpg

Apart from a few moments in which The Eater of Worlds tried his hand against the storied Superstars, Wyatt largely left The New Face of Desolation to shoulder the battle against The Brothers. That, unfortunately, led to an Old School and apron legdrop to Luke Harper that The Phenom delivered with the agility of a Superstar celebrating his 25th day in the ring, not 25th year.

Given the momentum of The Undertaker, it didn’t take long for Strowman to turn from spectator to participant. After Kane tagged in and found himself forced to the outside, The New Face of Destruction hurled The Devil’s Favorite Demon over the commentary table, instigating an ominous face-to-face with big brother that indicated payback would be served for the assault against Kane.With Kane weakened, Wyatt made like his buzzards and went to pick the bones, setting The Demon up for Sister Abigail. The Big Red Monster had some fire left burning in him; he Chokeslammed his way out of The Eater of Worlds’ signature maneuver, leading both spent Superstars to summon their partners for relief. Unfortunately for Wyatt, Harper didn’t fare better against The Phenom.

The New Face of Desolation found himself put so hard on his heels that Wyatt had to come to the rescue. That landed both men’s throats in The Phenom’s hands, at which point Strowman interfered again, breaking up the double chokeslam in a moment of vindication that was short-lived. The Wyatts sent Undertaker tumbling over the ropes but he landed on his feet and immediately turned his attention to Strowman. After dispatching Wyatt & Harper, Kane joined his sibling for a double-chokeslam to The New Face of Destruction through the commentary table. Payback had been served.

 photo BOD_Wyatts 3_zpscobvjgza.jpg

The aftermath of that earth-shaking attack was as impressive a performance as any four of the Superstars involved had put together, and for a moment, it really was either team’s match. While the referee attempted to restore order, Wyatt pounced with a Sister Abigail to The Deadman and Harper, the legal man, went for the pin. Kane broke the count up, but found himself cut down by the former Intercontinental Champion’s discus clothesline as a result.

The end result was The Brothers of Destruction laid out side-by-side, immobile and spent, as The Wyatts circled their victims. Harper slithered towards The Devil’s Favorite Demon and The Eater of Worlds contorted himself into an ominous spider-walk toward The Phenom. In a ghastly echo of WrestleMania, both Brothers sat up in sync and dispatched the stunned Wyatts with a pair of simultaneous chokeslams. Only one thing remained, and as Harper reeled with one foot in his grave, The Phenom took hold of The New Face of Desolation and put him all the way in with a Tombstone.

One, two, three. The Deadman lives. The Brothers of Destruction roll on. What’s next for The Wyatt Family?

And that's how you celebrate 'Taker's incredible 25 year anniversary at Survivor Series!

Brothers of Destruction 22 November 2015 - The Undertaker & Kane vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper: PhotosCollapse )

No video, of course, since it's a PPV. But hey, you can catch the replay on the WWE Network any time! (Love the WWE Network - saving me a fortune in PPV fees!)

 photo 20151122_Survivor_Taker_zpsdushty6u.jpg

But WWE.com does have video of 'Taker's entrance, seeing as it's his 25th anniversary. Check it out here!

And remember that the special for 'Taker's 25 years is on demand on the Network now. Planning on catching that myself!

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From WWE.com:

The Wyatt Family confronted The Brothers of Destruction

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Brothers of Destruction are back from Hell, but it may just turn out that they’ve gone from the frying pan to the fire. Addressing their torment at the hands of The Wyatt Family over the last month, The Undertaker and Kane promised an eternity of torment for The New Face of Fear and his flock, only to be confronted by the man himself. Flanked by the Family atop the entrance ramp, Bray Wyatt threw the brothers’ mysticism right back in their faces, demonstrating his lingering control over their powers by turning Undertaker and Kane’s druids against them. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champions managed to fend the minions off, though given that Wyatt has yet to reveal his trump card — which two of his brothers will face The Brothers of Destruction — it may not be so easy for them come Sunday.

Brothers of Destruction 16 November 2015 - The Brothers of Destruction battle Bray Wyatt's family: PhotosCollapse )

 photo vidgrab_zps3atprman.png

WWE.com has video of the audioporn encounter here - enjoy! ;-)

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18 November 2015 @ 11:45 pm
This was posted on Facebook and what transpires is extremely sweet.

Meet Gracie.

Eric Christy Winstead Knight This is Gracie Knight....She is 10 years old and has Cerebral Palsy. She LOVES wrestling, and wanted to be Kane this year for Halloween, so her Dad and I made it happen!! She really wants Kane to see this, so please help by sharing!!

A lot of people shared, tweeted, emailed... any way Gracie's picture could get to WWE's brass, it was done.

On November 3, Gracie's mom posted this to the photo...
Eric Christy Winstead Knight Friends, family, and every single person who helped get Gracie's picture to Kane....THANK YOU!!! He just sent her a personal video message via Facebook messenger, and invited us to Raw in Greenville in a couple of weeks!!! I can't stop crying!! I have never felt so thankful for anything in my entire life....My Cup Truly Runneth Over!!

And since RAW was in Greenville this past Monday, Kane finally got to meet... Kane.

Gracie finally meets Kane, I had loved this story since it came out. During Halloween Gracie 10 years old suffers from Cerebral Palsy. She wanted to dress like Kane for Halloween (and who wouldn't lol) and her parents did a fantastic job with the costume. They posted it hoping it would grab Kane's attention and it worked; not only did he send her a video message, she had finally got to meet her hero. You can say what you will but a 10 year old knows who their wrestling heros are

Awww, Kane... you big lug you! ♥

Having Cerebral Palsy myself, I'm really really glad this got to Kane and Gracie got to meet him!
Well hell, it's been a while since I've even been here, but colour me happy to be back! Because, as I've hoped and hoped for ever since I started this community a fuck of a long time back, the Brothers of Destruction have re-united!

I'm as rusty as hell at doing this, so please bear with me while I try to remember how I used to do this, but oh hell yeah - Brothers of Destruction RULE!

From WWE.com:

Bray Wyatt eulogized The Undertaker and Kane

Rest in peace? Not quite. Despite Bray Wyatt’s attempt to bury The Undertaker and Kane once and for all after consuming their powers, the demonic Superstars returned from the void to give The Eater of Worlds a taste of his own medicine. The Brothers of Destruction surrounded Wyatt right after he had finished his “eulogy” for the former WWE World Heavyweight Champions, and even the arrival of The Wyatt Family wasn’t enough to stymie the resurrected Superstars. They dispatched the Family, planted The New Face of Fear with a double chokeslam and struck their signature pose, fully revitalized and ready to roll. Now it’s the Wyatts’ turn to run.

Now, the whole of RAW was worth (fast forwarding through) watching for the video vignettes of Kane and 'Taker's history. (And hey, this week is Undertaker week on the WWE Network, so there's sure to be some more great stuff to see!)

But I did like this segment - I dig Bray Wyatt, and his creepy band of Neanderthals. But come on, we all knew that he wasn't going to be able to defeat The Deadman and the Devil's Favourite Demon like that. Jeez, how many before have tried and failed?

Enough of my babbling (and my jealousy for the crowd in England who got to see this live!) - onto the digitals!

Brothers of Destruction 9 November 2015 - Bray Wyatt eulogizes the Brothers of DestructionCollapse )

 photo vidgrab_zps4qe9zllq.png

If you didn't see it, and you don't have the WWE Network to go back and see it again, then the video is here.

In fact, WWE.com have even helpfully put together all the vignette clips in one - you'll find that one here. So many amazing memories in that six minutes, let me tell you!

As we know after SmackDown, at Survivor Series, it will be the Brothers of Destruction versus two members of the Wyatt Family.

If I were booking it, the Brothers would go over Harper and Rowan at Survivor Series, setting up for Bray and "mouthful of random consonants" Braun Strowman at the next PPV (is that TLC? Or have they changed it?).

Whatever. I just look forward to some Brothers of Destruction action coming my way!!

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27 April 2015 @ 07:32 am
And it's the second of our red letter days here at bros_destruct - the birthday of everyone's favourite Demon!

Usually an occasion for a massive pic-spam, but while I enjoy the hours of web-trawling that involves, I've had no time for it this year.

So let's try this (again) and create one together.

Post your favourite pic in the comments to share with everyone. I'll start, and this was a much harder choice than picking my favourite picture of 'Taker. Because Kane just has so many "faces", it's a really tough decision. I finally went with this one:

Because, you know, every girl's crazy about a sharp-dressed man!

Happy birthday, Glenn, from all of us here at bros_destruct - sucks that you have to work, but hey, cut loose and get a little crazy tonight at Extreme Rules. Because if there was ever a Pay Per View with your name on it, this is it!
30 March 2015 @ 05:22 pm
Was it me, or did Taker look like ABA/Big Evil last night?

(mind you, I'm judging by photos... In the middle of WM, right after Randy/Seth, the device we were using crashed and needed a complete restore, so I have NOT seen the entire WM)
30 March 2015 @ 12:39 pm
I made this graphic for a challenge at tv_universe, so I figured I'd share it.

I am planning on actually filling some prompts one of these days, I promise!
25 March 2015 @ 06:37 am
It's the first of those red-letter days around here at bros_destruct - that's right, it's the Deadman's birthday!

Usually, this would be cause for a massive picspam ... but life is just crazy-busy right now, and sadly I don't have time to put one together.

So for something different, how about we create one together?

Share your favourite 'Taker pic in the comments, and join me in wishing Mark the happiest of birthdays, and an awesome match with Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania on Sunday!

 photo taker affliction_zpsqopslfwb.jpg

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26 February 2015 @ 05:42 pm
Sorry I am so late at getting back to this. I was hoping to have more prompt ideas requested but looks like what we've got is all that there is going to be. So without further ado.

All entries must include Kane, &/Or Undertaker as main subject/s
Fics need to be at a minimum of 500 words.
Post your filled request/s in a new entry here at the community. With the title stating what prompt that your filling.
You may post a link to your completed prompt here in the comments section.
All ratings are acceptable.
Please indicate if any foul laguange, etc is used in your fics, fanmixes, etc.
Fanmixes: You can make a album art-cover for your mixes but it is not necessary. Mixes can range from 2 to 10 songs.

Prompts: 13 filled: 0 (I will edit prompts once filled with the link to that particular prompt and by whom filled it.)

I will say, give the prompters a month to fill your request. Any questions or anything, let me know.
As I've said, I have never done this... so any suggestions would be appreciative.

inabsentialuci's Prompts
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Lovewithstands' Prompts
[Spoiler (click to open)]

01. prompt: A fanmix. Focusing on the turbulent brother relationship of Taker & Kane
Preferred Rating: Any
Likes/Dislikes: No rap. Or Rock where the singer yells/screams a lot. My likes would be anything that has the piano as the main instrument. Or Violin/s.
Squicks/Triggers: None.
Additional Information: None really. Thanks!

02. Prompt: A fictional back story involving how Undertaker came to side with Paul Bearer and his debut in WWE. How all that came about. Did Paul threaten to turn Taker in? And that is why he was with him all those years. Why did Paul betray him for Mankind?
Preferred Rating: Any
Likes/Dislikes: You have the freedom to write it as you see fit. Just no SLASH Please.
Squicks/Triggers: None
Additional Information: Thanks to whomever writes it!

03. Prompt: Undertaker/Kane childhood story. Can be about anything. Please involve their parents. Esp their father. (well, Taker's father.)
Preferred Rating: PG 13
Likes/Dislikes: Protective older brother. Kane being mischievous are all likes. My dislikes would probably be their parents being overly mean to them. Or drinking. I see them as being a close nit family. Perhaps religious. And their father and mother are only mean when they have to discipline them over their misbehaver.
Squicks/Triggers: None.
Additional Information: Thanks to whomever writes.

04. Prompt: Undertaker and his parents. Perhaps can be the lead up to why Taker started the fire. I've always been curious as to why he did that. I can't remember if they gave a real reason behind it from WWE's storyline stand-point?
Preferred Rating: Any
Likes/Dislikes: Not too much cursing if that's okay.
Squicks/Triggers: None
Additional Information: Thanks again!

xgirl30's Prompts
[Spoiler (click to open)]

01. Prompt: A fic giving the backstory of the Ministry of Darkness
Preferred Rating: That's wide open
Likes/Dislikes: Not a big fan of anything too close to RPF. Violence and gore is fine but I don't really like descriptions of harm to animals or children.
Squicks/Triggers: Can't really think of any.
Additional Information: I found the Ministry fascinating back when that angle was going on and I still find it intriguing rewatching those segments now. I imagine the backstory would be equally intriguing.
Thanks to whoever fills this.

02. Prompt: A fic dealing with some of the anger management counseling Kane and Daniel Bryan went through. (I'm especially thinking of things Dr. Shelby would have had them do besides what was shown in the TV segments.)
Preferred Rating: Any rating is fine.
Likes/Dislikes: I'm not a fan of anything too close to RPF. Slash is fine though. So is smut.
Squicks/Triggers: Can't really think of any.
Additional Information: Not too long ago I started watching wrestling again after not watching for a few years (I was a huge fan back in the 90s-early 2000s). I recently watched all the team Hell No anger management segments and found them hilarious. (It also started me thinking about what else they could have been asked to do.)
Thanks to whoever fills this.

03. Prompt: An Undertaker fanmix (Can be either the Deadman persona or Deadman Inc/ABA)
Preferred Rating: Any
Likes/Dislikes: Not a huge country fan. Profanity/explicit lyrics are no problem.
Squicks/Triggers: None
Additional Information: Thanks to whoever fills this.